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Transcription Process


Transcription is the process of converting audio into a document. A synonym for transcription is transcribing.

If you have ever tried transcribing you will know that it is difficult and time consuming. It requires much concentration, perseverence and time, to transcribe audio into text. The Top Transcription process takes all that away and makes transcribing your audio a simple, quick and pleasant experience.


You request a Quotation. This is done via our Transcription Quotation page. You have the option to upload your audio or video or provide us with the number of minutes to be transcribed and a quote will be generated automatically. You have further options of selecting Time-Stamps or opting for Full Verbatim or Clean Verbatim as well as which template you prefer.

Next step is to Checkout and proceed to payment or raise a purchase order if that how your company works.

We then get our team of transcribers to work. Learn more how we convert audio to text.

Once your audio has been transcribed our proofreaders then proofread it to ensure accuracy.

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How Our Transcription Service Works


The Transcription process is simple. We provide online transcription
services in a quick and easy way. Here’s how we do it:


Drag & Drop audio from your computer or paste a URL or Link to the files.

A Quotation is then generated. From here you can proceed to Checkout & place your order or you can download the Quote & make payment at a later date when you are ready to proceed.

Debit or Credit Card
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Rates & Turnaround Times


Our Transcription Rates are based on a rate per minute of audio or video.

We offer various Turnaround Times which are related to the price of your transcript. These include Standard and Rush Turnarounds.

Discounted Transcription Prices are also offered for large volumes of audio or video that need transcribing.

We also do English and Afrikaans Transcriptions and our Translation Rates are highly competitive.

Transcription Quotations are available instantly and can be generated by uploading your audio or video or by typing in the number of minutes you need to have transcribed. These quotes can be downloaded online.

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How will my transcripts look?


We have a Standard Transcript Format with variations that you can choose from to customise your transcript. For example, if it is an interview we could do INTERVIEWER / INTERVIEWEE or we could use the peoples names.

We transcribe verbatim, which basically means we type what we hear. There are two Verbatim Transcription options: Clean Verbatim Transcription or Full Verbatim Transcription. By default we transcribe in Clean Verbatim. You have the option to have Time Stamps in your transcript. View our various Transcription Samples for further explanations and see how your transcript will look.

If you have a specific Transcription Format - we will gladly accommodate you.

 Transcription Samples

Why Top Transcriptions?


Confidential & Secure

The transfer and storage of your audio and transcriptions are subject to strict security and confidentiality procedures and platforms. Transcription Confidentiality.

Pricing to Wow You

Affordable Transcription, Typing & Translation Rates which are simple & transparent. No hidden costs relating to audio quality or number of speakers. What you see is what you get with us! Transcription Rates.

Fast, Flexible, Turnaround Time

Standard & Rush Turnaround times with Flexibility to meet your deadline.

Quality 100% Guaranteed - Our Secret!

We have transcribers who transcribe your audio and proofreaders who check it. Most independent transcribers don't have someone proofing their work - that is what makes us different!

Our Customers

Our customers come from all industries, including: Legal; Education; Marketing; Media; Medical and Government. Students and thousands of private individuals also make use of our services. Transcription Customers.

Support & Friendly

Feel free to chat with us about anything. Transcription Contact.

How do you Transcribe?


Our Transcriptions are done by people and not software. Automatic transcription software produces very poor quality transcripts. The best way to get an accurate transcription is to have a person type it and then have a proofreader check it. That is how we transcribe and is the reason we able to produce the highest quality transcripts. A poor quality transcript is really not worth the paper it is written on.

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Where are you located?


We are located in Durban South Africa. We are an Online Transcription Services Company and as such, we provide services throughout South Africa and abroad.

Audios and videos are sent to us via our website and we return your Transcriptions via-e-mail. It's as easy as that!

Other Locations:

Transcription Services Johannesburg

Transcription Services Pretoria

Transcription Services Durban

Transcription Services Cape Town

Transcription Services South Africa

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