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  Transcriber Training Course

Top Transcribers provides Transcriber Training Courses in Kenya. Areas covered include Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret and the broader Kenya area. Our Kenyan Transcriber Course is designed to give you practical transcribing experience and is an ideal way to start your transcribing career.

  About Top Transcribers Academy

Top Transcribers Academy is the training Division of Top Transcriptions (South Africa) which has been in the Transcription Services arena for over 15 years. We have coached and guided many transcribers and proofreaders over the years in getting their skills up to a level where they are in demand in the transcription industry. We understand what transcription companies are looking for in a transcriber - from the initial application that a transcriber makes for employment to what is required from them in their transcribing and proofing roles.

  Transcribe from Home

Transcribing has always been an occupation that is primarily home-based. In recent years working from home has become the preferred option for many people and it's no surprise that people have explored this option to earn a living.

The difficulty many people face in trying to get a transcribing job is that they don't have specific transcribing skills or qualifications. This is where we come in.

  5 Reasons to Choose the Top Transcribers Course

  1. We understand what transcription companies look for in a transcriber and our course is based on the practical skills and knowledge a transcriber needs.
  2. The course method follows a typical way that many transcription companies work i.e. we send you the audio and template to download for you to transcribe at home.
  3. The same proofers on our team who proofread our current team of transcribers' work, will proofread the transcripts you do on the course. This way you will have your work assessed in the same way that we do for the transcribers that work for us.
  4. We provide practical advice on equipment setup and how to best present your C.V. to companies.
  5. By doing a course that involves practical theory and transcribing exercises you get some transcription experience and this together with your Top Transcribers Certificate is a great way to get started on your transcribing venture.

  Our Training Course Goals

  • To provide practical tips and guidelines on equipment and software to use. 
  • To provide practical information that assists in producing accurate transcripts. This includes grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. We also provide guidelines on style and notations, including how to deal with inaudible audio, cross-talk, mid-break in sentences, interruptions, and the use of time stamps.
  • To provide information on transcribing concepts such as clean verbatim, full verbatim, and how to transcribe in these formats.
  • To give you practical transcribing experience, review your transcripts and provide you with feedback from our Proofreaders.
  • To provide insight into the various transcribing opportunities.
  • To provide guidelines for compiling a Transcriber CV and how to go about applying for jobs.

How it Works


The Complete Transcriber Handbook

Once you have signed up to do the course, we will e-mail you the Complete Transcriber Handbook. This handbook will contain all the information necessary to complete the theoretical side of the course as well as Tips on equipment, software, setup and even looking for a job.

Theory Assessment

We will send you a link to the multiple-choice Assessment Sheets that cover the essential information that a transcriber needs to know. After going through the Complete Transcriber Handbook you can complete the assessments online. Whilst there is a pass mark required for the Theory side of the course, you can review and re-submit your answers as often as you wish to achieve the pass mark, and as such there is no reason not to pass the Theory Section.

Practical Transcribing Exercises

The next section is the Practical Transcribing Exercises.

The Complete Transcriber Handbook contains tips and links to getting yourself set up to begin transcribing.

We will send you three audio with templates to go with each audio.

You will transcribe these audios on the templates provided and these transcriptions will cover Clean Verbatim, Full Verbatim, and Time Stamps. You will have the opportunity to apply some of the theories that you have learnt, such as dealing with inaudible audio, cross-talk, interruptions, and proofreading your work.

Our Proofreaders will assess your transcripts and return them to you with "Track Changes Showing" (i.e. your corrections will be visible in colour so you can see where you went wrong).

There is no pass mark for the transcribing that you do - you will simply receive your corrected transcripts for you to use for self-improvement.


We will mail you your Top Transcribers Certificate on completion of the course.

Transcriber Course Price

The cost of the course is R490.00.

Thought for the day: " There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come" - Victor Hugo

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