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Transcription Services South Africa

Top Transcriptions is a leading provider of Transcription Services and Typing Services. Our Transcription Service Rates and Turnaround Times are excellent. This is where transcribing and quality meet.  Audio to Text Transcribing with peace of mind!


Transcription Services

Top Transcriptions is a leading Transcribing Services provider in South Africa. We offer speech to text audio typing services for all digital formats such as mp3, mp4, wav, wma, aiff, caf, wmv, avi and more. 

Our transcription services involves the typing up of audios and videos into Word documents, in our standard or client-specific formats and layouts.


Why Use Our Services?

  • Our services will save you time and money and enable you to focus on your core activities.
  • Accuracy of transcription - our two-fold typing and proofreading process guarantees quality.
  • Our rates – are amongst the most competitive in the industry and there are no hidden costs.
  • Our Turnaround Times - are Fast and if you have a tight deadline, we are here to help.
  • Easy-to-use Transcription Process. Simply upload your audio via our website and we take care of the rest.
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